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Listener Testimonies

I'm 51 years old and I'm gonna tell you what; something made me- something happened about 5 weeks ago - I woke up after being away. I was saved when I was 15 and I fell away from it for a long time. Something woke me up and I was like "Okay! It's time to move on with life. I don't listen to rock n roll, no country music, nothing - strictly Christian music. I especially like your TreeHouse One program. It think that's probably one of the best things that's out there. - Don, Yucca Valley

Thank you for having a good station, finally, on the radio. I feel very blessed. Thank you! - Eileen, Yucca Valley

Thank you for being a very loving friend. You guys are wonderful! - Randy, Ashfork

I was just telling my daughter all about your radio program. You're on here! You're alive and you're a real person!! - Trina, Golden Valley